The Trip up North (again)

We are going up there again. Sigh. Nothing to post much about, but only this time, driving back down with the help of Mr. Moon, the highway roads were bright enough and the only exciting part was the midnight mist.

This is a very foggy picture. Really.
But there is no way I am getting out
of the car, set up the tripod and get
run-over in the process

SuperGlue on the Phone

I was called to a customer's place because his phone was "out". By the time I arrived, and managed to get more information from him, he said he could not hear anyone on the handset. One look at the handset and I knew what happened.

1) He uses the phone a lot
2) Its at the corner, so most probably it dropped a lot
3) The cord to the handset is stretched, so he moves a lot

Once you pull it too far, the plastic tab breaks.
And usually, most customers would use those
cellophane tapes but this guy uses Superglue

After breaking most of the plastic parts, I managed
to get it out, and re-crimped a new plug for him
since the olugs are useless now