Handsfree Stupidity

"..pressing the answer button on a hands-free kit to receive a call is an offence.."

Under the law, the moment a driver moves his limbs to do something other than controlling the vehicle, the driver is deemed not to have proper control of the vehicle.

In other words, you are required to have a handsfree kit for your mobile phone (if you want to use it, of course) when you're in the car. The moment you answer a call, you would have already committed an offense. Unless, your phone can be programmed to answer automatically when the handsfree kit is plugged in.

But then, Whoa! All those moronic Tele Marketing people manning the Call Centres would have a field day. Because you can't disconnect them and accident rates would go up because drivers would do anything to shut these SOBs up.

This is so stupid. I could be commiting an offense when I wind down the window to pay tribute to the Government at the Toll Plazas.
Or how about when I need to shift/change gears?
Or when I need to dig my nose?
How about digging my ear for wax?

Here's the story in full, courtesy of TheStar.com.my I just can't wait for him to re-issue his statements a few days later, if there is one.