Goodbye for now

Mommy, say goodbye to your flowers when the contractors move in
Ha a ha ha ha ha ha ha hahah a!

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The Crawling

Tick tock. Its six months old and more headaches for us

This is Kaelynn. She is six months old and a very experienced crawler

She can go anywhere and disrupt our peaceful lives without
having to scream her lungs out like Kristine

And she can even make our hearts skip a beat

Still there is not other effective way than to have Kristine
take care of her. But this would make us more stressful.
Yeah, we have to make sure she does not jump on top
of Kaelynn

And sometimes, when these two are very very quiet, we know
they're up to some mischief..........

And being a six-month old, Kaelynn is now able to support
herself. Which makes us even more worried as the cot is
too small for her. Kristine did not do this but roll around instead.
Sometimes, she will lose balance and fall and hit her head which
makes us all go deaf in the middle of the night