The Kick

We were monkeying about and then, Kristine's knee-ed me in the lips
After the all blood has gone, I got a swollen lip as a reminder.
Well, I think I can enrol her for Karate soon
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Observations in Klang

So, here I am, waiting for things to happen. Again. For you see, when it comes to a certain customer, where a building involves a lot of parties, you can be assured that no one talks to each other. In the end, the ID (Interior Designer) did some changes but did not inform the M&E nor the Acrchitect nor other parties. So, nothing was done or was done wrongly since no one did have an updated floorplan.

Me? I just kept to myself, (ready to open a can of Coke and some groundnuts) watching "Drama Minggu Ini" unfolding in front of me. But no, its more polite to just stand outside or walk around and wait until you're called. I mean, I can smash so much Egos in one day. Ha ha ha ha ha

After a nice lunch at 7-11's, I've decided to just do the cabling and make it a day. No point feeding more coins to the ticket machine.

This is a toilet bowl which has a square hole but a very steep cavity.
Its like asking the shit to jump off a cliff instead of rolling round and
round the bowl first. Ha ha ha ha ha

Lunch was spoilt by a very tough bottle seal. The tab
was torn off too easily no thanks to the super strong
glue they used

Someone from WPC was here.........

And the cabling is the part which I hate most. This is because I have to open a gel-filled cable and terminate it. Other cables are my favourite but not this black piece of evil. For you see, the gel-filled cable (many wrongly referred to it as armoured cable) is as its name applies, full of gel. However, its more like thick fat to me. Once you strip the thick black sheath, and blunts your blade in the process, you're faced with the gel.

This, my friends, is the root of all evil. You can see all the gel in the cables and this is not a pleasant experience. Even the makeshift plastic bag gloves will cover in fear. There are about forty strands of yucky cables that needs your, attention.

How does this affect me? Badly
The closest experience I can describe would be putting your hand into a cold vat of rotten, smelly butter and swishing it around to look for your friend's unwashed penis (who just went for a sex change) among other penises. There are a lof of feathers and hair in that vat too. Once you found that disgusting thing, you pull your hand our and the sticky slimy gunk wont come off. And you discodered its the wrong penis. his has pus oozing all over it. You wash and wash, but it feels like its stuck to your hands. And then, you realised its all over the place, from your face to your pants to your ladder to your nostrils. And the penis is glued to your hands fron the gunk. And its still the wrong penis.

Yeah, that's how bad it is.

So, this is the gel-filled cable. The 3mm back sheath is tough
so make sure you have a spare blade and your hands are not
slippery. And the metal shielding will have to be cut carefully

Once the sheath is off, you can see the gel sticking onto the wires
and other whatnots. When you have finished, use a lot of talcum
powder and rub your hands. You can use your friend's underwear
but make sure she is not wearing them after you are done with it

After a lot of cursing and crying, the job is almost complete

I like this type of cable better. Here, the contractor just
drilled the box on to the wall. You can see that because
of the mess they left behind. The thick cable is a 30-pair
and yes, there is no sticky disgusting gel in it

The 30-pair splits into three 10-pairs and you must be
careful not to mix them with the other cables are each
cable sub-group is using the same colours. If you did
mix them up, I won't be your friend for a year.

All done!

I took this photo of a Proton Waja parked next to me. Its very
difficult to take this shot as the window tint keeps reflecting.
What I am trying to show you that the owner has stuck a
block of something to the window but as the glass keeps
sliding down, it destroyed the tinting. The window problem
is a very common fault with the Proton Waja car.