How to make your own party Bag

You know what? Personally, I think we set some examples for a lot of parents in the posh Kindie nowadays. Years ago, we found out that when any one of the kids have a Birthday, they would have a cake (brought by the parents to the school), and the whole class would sing "Happy Birthday" together. Just so happens that one of the parents decided to do something extra, which is to give the kid's classmates extra stuff such as sweets or packets of crisps.

Also, that that time, we discovered Plaza GM, which is great for cheap MIC stuff, provided you buy them in bulk, of course...

"Oh no", thought the Parents as we indirectly upped the ante.

Yep. "Oh no", said us too when we realised this is the second time we need to do this. But because this time, our budget was gone, we decided to give something more practical, and still maintains Kaelynn's popularity in the class (Is there such thing or did I just dreamt it up?). We decided to give... *jeng jeng jeng*... junk food. Sweet, mouth watering, crispy, teeth rotting junk food in goodie bags.

"Oh no", repeated the Parents, this time with a groan.

"Oh no" we repeated too when we realised that there were more kids this year and well, someone needs to stuff all the sweets into the bags. And its very last minute too.

And so, this is the reason why we went to Tecso...

By the time we left, the car was full packs and packs
of junk food.

In the beginning, everyone has problems on how
to stuff them into the bag as quickly as possible
since bedtime is looming.

In the end, I suggested what factories do. Create
a production line. All you have to do is to put the
stuff on the 'line'. So, as everyone 'walks' through

the line, they just stuff each item into the goody
bag. Simple.

Its so simple even Kaelynn understands it, except
myself because I got stuck at the details when there
was not enough items to go round. She just took
the extras and stuffed them into the bag. In the
end, all bags got the same number of items, some
have slightly different contents but the number is
the same. OK, that was so simple, even I got stuck.

And in less than half an hour, everything was ready.

All ready in a big basket to be brought to the
school on Monday. Yay.

16072011 Going to Scott Garden

Just a boring Saturday today because well, ever since I started working in this company, we are not required to work on Saturdays. A far cry on my first job when I actually WANTED to come in on Saturdays, and on my second job, which I loathe working on Saturdays since there is no 'off' time. So, on this job, the balance is just fine.

Except that most of the times, its not easy just to sneak off to Pasar Road anymore...ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, I try to let them know where I have
my lunch everyday by going back there. Here,
Kristine is having the Hakka Mee, which is my

The she later changed her mind and decided that my
Kuey Teow looks more delicious, which, again is also
one of my favourites and the Uncle gives a lot of those
deep-fried prawns (well not anymore...)

And Kaelynn, well, she just kept quiet as usual
and enjoyed whatever was given to her. After
all, its just food, which suits her fine.

After our lunch, we decided to explore a new place
called The Scott's Garden. Its still quite
new and this
was located just in front of The
Old Klang road, with
Tesco as one of its key
tenant. I always like to explore
new places
that has no occupants yet. It gives you the
feeling that you're completely alone in this savage
urban environment.

Its very quiet, white and well, feels sterile. There
were nothing there except for this courtyard deco
and the occasional patrolling security men. It gives
you the feeling
as if you just shrunk yourself and went
walkies inside
this architectural model...

With the sound of the flowing water, it more or less
gives you a very nice ambience. But when I looked
at these lamps, I had a dreaded feeling that they
could be LEDs but not those warm white colours...

The girls were happy to go running about, which
I am not so keen since there are huge gaps in
between the cement slabs and also, with water
at the edges and no spare clothes, this is not a
very good idea. Got them to stop a bit and pose
for a few shots.

If only Kristine can grow up a little bigger as
she is quite small in her class.

Notice that the way they are posing for the camera...

I mean, where did they learn
those pose from?

OK, this one is original....

After much walking about, you will start to realise that there are so much empty shoplots, you'd start to think that either this is really a brand new place or you just happen to be the only ones left in the World. And so, we decided to explore Tesco instead. Usually, if we need to go to Tesco, it would have to be at The Curve, which is a hassle during the weekends. Other places like Giant and Carrefour are not a problem for us since wherever we go, they're there even if we have no desire to enter...

I got Kristine some sushi as she was still crazy for
them, especially the ones with those orange fish roe

This is quite funny because originally, she did not
like sushi when Kaelynn was trying them. Now,
she literally goes nuts.

Just in case you want to know, this is her second
helping of the sushi. Kids can really eat when they
want to.