Its ready!

The girl called me up today, after 11 days to tell me that my PCB boards are ready. So, when I went and collected them, I was both happy and sad. Happy because this was the first time my design got through manufacturing stage. Sad because they are extremely expensive and there are only five pieces.

Still, tonight I will go and try to "dry fit" the components and then test fit into the pepper mill. What I am worried not is the height of the Piezo buzzer and maybe I can fit an IC socket into it as well. I just hate to solder a fully programmed PIC and then finds out it might not work. Ha ha ha ha

This is what I got back: (back L-R)
The circuit board positive mask, the copper mask and the silkscreen mask
And the five pieces of PCB. The last one on the right shows the underside
copper tracks and the green stuff.

Brush with Death

All the while, I did not pay much attention to my Notebook's power cord. Since I am bringing my Notebook all over the place and plugging in and out of the mains power, the power cables gets worn out very fast. And I go through these cheap RM3 power cables every few months. I wanted to get better ones but there are none on the market. Either that or I am searching at the wrong place.

It was not until this afternoon that when I was about to pull it out from the mains socket only did I notice how near I was to being electrocuted. In the end, when I was back at the office, I "borrowed" my Boss's dead Notebook's power cable.

If I touched the bare wires while there were some
people around me, everyone is going to have a bad
day. Luckily, I saw it........ or its bye-bye.

Konica Minolta Ad

I have been staring at this billboard in front of me at the traffic lights and I still don't get it, the last part, I mean

Translations in [Malay], Cantonese and (English)
[Fast printing]Ho Faai! (Very fast!),
[Lots of Results] Ho Geng! (Dem powerful!) &
[Huge profits] Ho ho Jaan! (Profitable)