The Girls on the Eve

With the Eve being as it is, most of us were feeling a bit edgy due to the explosions and loud noises in the neighbourhood. Krsitine was not feeling well because of her mouth ulcer while Kaelynn, being Kaelynn, was full of energy and talking non-stop.

It took her a long time to finish dinner, though.
But Kaelynn was her usual self, eating everything
in front of her and leaving the bits for me to
clean up, as in uneaten food.

Then she showed me how she can now finish
a jigsaw puzzle all by herself.

This puzzle is not easy because if I were to let her
do this months ago, it would be impossible if I did
not help her. Also, maybe because of the theme,
she can remember all the pieces.

Awww..... isn't she cute?

But everything settled down again early morning after all that because, looking at the wet ground the next morning after, it must have rained which caused a lot of aspiring rocket scientists and warmongers to go to sleep instead.

Cravings for sardines Pt. II

And so, when I reached home, Wife took my sardines
and turned them into sardine omelletes. Which is also
fine by me because when I was young, this was also
what I did but I took it a step further by using some
garlic and then breaking them into smaller pieces. I
would also add some oil-fried black mustard seeds.

Where did everyone go?

So, today is the eve of Hari Raya. No big deal because everyone is still working. But there is a small little change; muslims are nowhere to be seen. I called my customers only either be told they're on leave or have the Security guard answering the phone. Then there is the enjoyable driving experience which happens a few times a year. Well, I had to drive because I still have two more customers to deal with. But what is disheartening is that more than half of them in our office was gone when I visited the site. Still, the celebration this time is not as 'hectic' compared to past years as everyone just went about their own business as if it was not a big deal anymore........

even our neighbours are not working. The
irony is that I was working until 8 to make
sure my customers get the pages they need
and also the Emails responded because by
next week, it will be my turn! Ha ha ha ha ha!