Where did everyone go?

So, today is the eve of Hari Raya. No big deal because everyone is still working. But there is a small little change; muslims are nowhere to be seen. I called my customers only either be told they're on leave or have the Security guard answering the phone. Then there is the enjoyable driving experience which happens a few times a year. Well, I had to drive because I still have two more customers to deal with. But what is disheartening is that more than half of them in our office was gone when I visited the site. Still, the celebration this time is not as 'hectic' compared to past years as everyone just went about their own business as if it was not a big deal anymore........

even our neighbours are not working. The
irony is that I was working until 8 to make
sure my customers get the pages they need
and also the Emails responded because by
next week, it will be my turn! Ha ha ha ha ha!

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