Interesting videos

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is so funny! I got this link from AutoWorld Forum and explored nearly the whole site. The first one was my favourite for that evening.

Saturday in Sungei Wang

Yes! My Paychecks got through this morning! So, after paying off the bills, debts and misc. costs, I have RM700, which will go towards car repair, petrol, toll and this leaves me RM100 for myself. Guess what I got with that?

Yes, a Master Grade Mobile Pod Ball.

Its very beautiful and I waited 2 months for it. Would I assemble it today?
Nah. I'll shove it in the shelf until I am really free (like when I retire). Ha ha ha ha
You can go to this site for more pictures

After rushing back home under all the crazy heat, I am too lazy to do anything else and YS Khong's workshop was understaffed today which means I cannot repair my car, because

1) Water pump, I have to top up water every 2 days
2) Gear Oil, The gears are getting a bit cranky. Ha ha
3) Engine Oil, yes, its past 10KM too
4) Oil and Fuel filter

And next month, I really have to have my car's timing belt changed too, budget or no budget.

This is my lunch: Porridge-in-a-Cup and a Yam Cake.
Once I finish the Yam cake, I'll drink the porridge like water. Ha ha ha ha

Weird SMS

This morning, while I was at a customer's premise, I got this SMS from another Celcom number:

Ratna a/l ********
3XRM300 Waran
1XMabuk(Cannot Settle)

From this SMS, its seems this poor Ratna guy can't get himself off the hook for "Mabuk" (which is Drunk in Malay) which, I presume, he was driving under the influence of alcohol. Then again, he as to pay RM1,500.00 in summonses. Ha ha