Saturday Shopping

With nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon, we sneaked out of the house while Kaelynn was sleeping. Actually, she was sleeping so soundly, we did not want to wake her up. And since Kristine was already up, we took her along. Later, when we called home, she was crying as she woke up and were not able to find us, "Where are you? I am alone......"

Anyway, this was supposed to be a short trip as my Wife wanted me to get a new pair of shoes since the old one was quite worn. Not only that, that affected my feet and sometimes, I felt as if I had pulled some tendon/muscle there, which lasted for days. After that, it was time to go home but since we're nearby the new Carrefour at Tropicana City, I wanted to go there but wife decided to go to Tesco, which was "nearer". Anyway, with so much traffic, we decided that if we could not find a parking spot, we will have to go to Carrefour. Compared to Carrefour, Tesco has better selection of fresh veges. Luckily, we found a parking spot inside the building. I say luckily because, half an hour later, it was raining heavily and whole place was full of drivers looking for space.

Another reason why Tesco is so good
is that there are a lot of sample kiosks
almost everywhere. Its a great time to
try out stuff on the spot and buy them.
But wife did not let me by the new ice-
cream that has cruchy chocolates inside.
All through the evening, we fed her a lot
of samples. Maybe I can save money on
not eating dinner later........... ha ha ha ha

OK, so she took two full cups of Campbell soup, a bit of
vege flavoured juice and a cup of Kelloggs Frosties. But
she did not take the ice-cream, which I gave to Wife.

On the left is Tesco's version of Twisties; Curlys.
No, I did not buy it.

Because Kristine was a good girl, Mommy allowed
her to buy the Magic Camera. Its a slide show but
with an electronics twist: Everytime you press the
shutter button to advance the slide, a short magic
sound will be played. And throughout the journey
back to the house, you know-la.

Mommy also bought a set of battery operated fan.
Luckily, I had the foresight to buy the batteries....

Yeah, it was fun, seeing them playing with it for the first time
and also their reaction when the blade accidentally cut their
fingers. Still, it was soft sponge/rubber material.

Kaelynn's first reaction when looking for the switch and
also had her fingers "cut".

Unfortunately, she left it on for more than a few minutes
where the motor got hot and also the feedback current
melted the switch's (blue plastic part) contact points.
One nice toy destroyed within minutes. Sigh.

Yeah, she is getting better at
dressing up now.

The CCTV "Eye"

As I was required to send one of out client's DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for diagnosis, I asked the sweet girl at the counter about one of the CCTV cameras. And because we were regulars there, she gave me a very attractive quote. And so, I have my very own CCTV camera although I have no plans to put it the house but for another project.

This is the CCTV camera. Its running at 420 lines, uses
a Sharp chip and the normal 350mA 12 volts. In other
words, OK-la.

Now, we shall see why I call it the "Eye". Oh, and
she gave me a free power adaptor too. Yeah!

Turn the CCTV around, and you will be faced with the
mounting bracket. Just give it a gentle twist and it'll
separate itself. See the three curves with a round end?
Its for you to screw the base to whatever surface you
have prepared. Please note that its not a good idea to
use double-sided tapes, OK?

Be careful now, as the whole assembly will also fall apart.
Once you remove the collars and the holding "eye" socket,
you will be left with the CCTV camera itself, which really
looks like an eye.

Carefully hold the eye and slowly twist its sides.
There, you have now completely taken it apart.
Take a small screwdriver and you can then
remove the actual camera element. This camera
has Infra-red leds built in to see in low light too.
Since my project is not ready, I will stop here and
put it back in one piece..... The End

One fine morning........

Stickers on my socks. I think its time I stop
buying these things as they end up all over
the place except where they're supposed to
be. But then again, I'll relent and buy more
and get scolded by Wife or Mom. He he he