26062011 Bangsar Pasar Malam

When I was younger, without fail, I would go to Pasar Malam as often as I can. This was because at that time, there were no big shopping complexes such as 1-Utama, The Curve, Mid-Valley, etc. All we had was Sungei Wang, Kimisawa (yes, you're guessing my age now) and they're all too far away for me. Heck, at that time, taking the bus was not even an option.

And so, my only salvation was the weekly Night Markets or Pasar Malam, as it is more commonly known. Think of it as the equivalent of modern traveling nomads coming to your urban village bringing new wares and toys from their travels. And with it, I get the latest songs, toys and even videotapes (yes, that is how old I am). As I got older, and as I get the opportunity to travel outstation to other states, I would always try my luck to spot and enter into a Pasar Malam before I return back home.

However, with the changing times, the Pasar Malam is no longer what it was. The Bangsar one, that it. sure, I still see some of the same vendors, albeit a little bit older. But the wares nowadays are nothing to shout at. I won't blame it entirely on the new shopping malls but in an era where Information can be gotten at the click of the mouse, the Pasar Malam is fast losing its attraction or, charm in my terms.

You want the freshest fruits? Go to Hypermarkets.
Food? Hypermarkets.
Clothes? Shopping Malls.
Toys? eBay, Amcorp Mall and yes, other shopping malls.

So, where does this leave the Pasar Malam? What role can it still achieve? Apart from haggling housewives, sweating families, and newly married brides, who else still go there?

Anyway, here are some night shots I tried with the Nokia n8.

25062011 going to Amcorp Mall

I went down to Amcorp Mall to have a look at how the Hotz Toy shop is getting along. They were set up by SFTPMS member Silver and his friend, Loke. Hotz Toy deals not only the current toys but also, if you're lucky, toys from the past or, toys which you have 'missed' when they came to Malaysia.

OK, so that sounds more like second hand toys to you, right? But trust me, second hand or no, when then chance to relive or complete part of your lost childhood is in your hands, you will never say no. (Try not to imagine holding a Barbie doll if you're a guy, OK?). Also, once you get to know these guys better, do not be surprised to see grown ups buying vintage toys for thousands of dollars.

At the moment, the shop is not ready yet. They
have just taken over this permanent lot and the
best thing is, you do not have to wait for the AMC
weekend bazaar to have a look at the toys.

Alas, the trip was marred by those annoying
people with spray cans which I have encountered
before in the open carpark near Sogo years ago.

So, I got pissed off and pretended to call the
'Police' on my mobile phone. Once they
'heard' my conversation, they
really legged it. Dumbass.

26062011 Bored at The School

As usual, while Kristine is attending her Martial Arts class, the three of us were left with to our own devices. Unfortunately, the devices at that time were nothing else than your normal everyday writing utensils and sheets of pulped and bleached fibre. Wife on the other hand, had a Toshiba Notebook instead.

Sometimes, it is a wonderful experience to look at
a child's drawing as their minds are still 'fresh' and

But at the end of the day, the only thing
everyone ends up doing is asking, "What
is that?"