The Search for trhe Slush

Today was a hot day and so I decided cool myself with some ProJET's Slush. After filling with petrol, I went in to get some slush. This is the ProJET with Domino's Pizza:

This has been empty for days and there is a foul stench

So, I waited longer until lunchtime, where I went to a 7-11 and got a Slurpee and a Piza flavoured snack. This time, the Slurpee is quite good and really slushy.

My lunch......

So, in the afternoon, I decided to try again, at another ProJET, which has a MacDonalds. They have Strawberry, Grape and Sour Plum. So, I decided on Grape since the Orange flavour was not there.....

All the Slush slushing around

Horror of Horrors!
The ice melted and all I got was a cool grape drink with sugar content so high,
I could get Diabetes in the spot. And because it was mostly liquid, my shirt almost got sprayed. Thank Goodness it only got to my hand.

Moral of the story?
I am not sure if there is anything to learn from this except that my opinion is correct. The rot has started and these are the results. There is no such thing as maintenance nor good Customer Service here. Even the girl manning the booth in the middle of the petrol pumps do not greet you verbally nor with a smile anymore. The infamous "Tidak Apa" (Don't care) attitudes of some prominent race strikes again.