The 4-Hour ISDN Response

I am not sure if its funny anymore. Just when I walked into the customer's office, their phones rang like crazy with complains from the rest of the building. Everyone was complaining that they could neither make an outgoing call nor receive any incoming calls. And to top it all off, it happened at the time where everyone was about to leave the office for their Friday Prayers. Naturally, calls to Terrorkom went unanswered.........

And so, with nothing much to do, I decided to have lunch
where the lady was so happy to see me, she charged me
RM5.00 for some omelette, and 2 two meat dishes. Her
husband used to charged me way less than that. But he's
washing dishes at the back.
So, behind every woman is a man washing the dishes.

This is a scary sight: Two ISDN lines are down. It might be the
cards or if I am lucky, it might just be Telekom. Later on, after
doing everything possible, we had to wait for the Telekom guy
to come over, at four in the afternoon who determined it was
their router which needs to be reset. Four ISDN lines down
means 120 lines are out simultaneously. No wonder everyone
panicked, including me. Later, they claimed the outage costs
them RM4Million as one of the transaction was not able to go
through since the ISDN line was down. Oops. So I left asap.

This is a balun, and there is nothing much you can do with it
except to unplug and plug things back. If you want, you can
plug it in the reverse sides just to see if things improve. It
usually does not, but it gives your customer the impression
that you're doing something stupid while trying to look