Meeting relatives from the Other Side

In all aspects of the Chinese, respect is one of the most important things in Life. And it also follows through to the AfterLife. We have to respect and worship the Dead (Ancestors) for without their efforts, we could be the sperms that went splat on the wall or flushed away. So, it is one of the important events in a Chinese calender.

So, on this day, (usually 4th or 5th of April or the First week of April) people are advised not to do anything critical except to "han san" (walking the Hills) to the Graveyard, cleaning and weeding their ancestor's graves. Then, they will burn incense/joss sticks and offer food and wine to the deceased. Plus, paper effigies of cars, money, clothes are also burn as well.

This is because:
(Ok, I got this somewhere from the Web as my own interpretation was NOT to piss my relatives off, living or not)

The practice of ancestor worship is based on three beliefs:
1) that a person's good or bad fortune is influenced by the souls of his or her ancestors;
2) that all departed ancestors have the same material needs they had when alive; and
3) that the departed can assist their living relatives.

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Sign on a toilet wall
Malay: Siapa yang tulis semua ini adalah anak haram (kecuali saya)
English: Whoever wrote all these (grafiti) are bastards (except me)

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Downstream water tastes different from upstream