Flavour of the month

Yeah, she likes soup now, and it does not matter
if she is holding a spoon or a fork to get at them
More headache for Mommy

Tick... tock... tick... tock....

Wife is having contractions every 15 minutes now. And last night, it was every 5 minutes. We were about to go to the Hospital this morning but then, her contractions went back to every 15 minutes. So, I am planning to take her in this evening.

And what of Mr. Fuji-san?
Sadly, in this critical moment, he is dead (again). I have made sure he has enough juice to keep going but he can't even move a millimetre. I don't think the Service Centre will be able to help me in time nor do I have enough to pay for the procedure again, if their warranty does not help.

Damn it! $@#%&*!!!!!!

How am I going to get another camera at this short time!