04022012 Dinner at Boston

Just for today, we decided to have a nice lunch at Aeon's Bukit Raja and after looking high and low for a compatible Restaurant (that serves non-chili dishes and stuff the girls liked), we settled for Boston. to tell you the truth, we're not even sure what this Restaurant serves...

But, it has free WiFi, which is more than make up for any possible misgivings. To be honest, I was pretty sure that this is the place which serves steamboat. But their menu was a big surprise because they offered more than just steamboat. But what was weird is that either we were early or, no one likes to eat in here because its really empty. Still, we decided to give it a try and apart from the slightly higher pricing and confusing offers, its not that bad. Just be careful about taking the offers and do ask thoroughly if you're not sure. All in all, its quite a good place and with the WiFi in there, (much to the dismay of my Wife) I really enjoyed the place. Oh, and the food too.

The girls with the special Sesame Street Blankets from one of their Favourtie Aunties. In fact, you could also qualify to be one of their favourite relative/friend. All you have to do is just bring some parental-approved gifts.

Anyway, when we arrived, there were so much choices on the menu and also at the same time, so limited

The safest dish in any unknown restaurant: Fried Rice

And for the choosy one

Wan Tan mee with deep fried er, stuff

Anyway, I wanted to try something different, which is steamboat.

Someone not too keen on the deep fried things

Me? I enjoyed the steamboat, esp the sauces. But in the end, we all shared each other's food.