Careless Mistakes

Do you ever have this feeling?

You just got into your car and you're late for work. As you put your car in gear, your instinct tells you that its in reverse. Ignoring it, you start the engine and stepped on the pedal. You know you should have stopped and listened to that voice in your head as your car goes into reverse, hits the wall in a sickening crunch.

So, that is how I felt whenever I switched on my prototype circuits without checking why there are loose wires. So, more often than not, I would plug back in the wrong cables and short the microprocessor chip in less than a second.

And the innocent chip would go bye-bye. Which means I have to go down to Pasar Road again and buy about three of them in one go. Damn.

This chip costs me RM11.00 each. Don't play-play, ah!