Trumpeter LVTP7 Model

We were at Mid-Valley today and I got the chance to visit some toy shops. One of them is Miniature Hobbies which I loathe to go (due to some past history where everything went downhill after one of my friend got badmouthed when the shop was still in 1-Utama and lost his job). Unfortunately, apart from Hobby Bounties, they're the only place left in Malaysia that has a decent selction of model kits.

Anyway, while I was there, I spotted this 1/144 scale model from the Chinese company called Trumpeter. Originally, this model came in a few variations but they were all painted by the manufacturer and encased in a clear plastic case. However, this kit was selling for RM6.90 and unpainted. The painted version costs RM14.90. So, in the end, I bought the last two from the shop.

The assembly is quite straigthforward. You just sort of snap the parts together and that's it. But I had to use a dab of UHU Glue for the front and the fairings above the tracks.

The model kit in its box

Theres not many parts, just about 9 pieces

The moulding is crisp and nice
Look at the details on the tracks

Nice or not? Its about 5.6 cm long

I then decided to try my luck on getting Daniel's (Second Malaysian Idol) single which had the song Mimpi for RM8.90 but Wifey said its a waste of money.

Anyway, this model coming from China is too good to be true. So, I did a little NET surfing and discovered this. The instructions on how to fix the model and the parts are the same.