1/35 PC

Lookit what I got from multifilla! A 1/35 PC and also, the elusive cooking parts I was looking for. OK, it was elusive because I forgot I saw it at multifilla and somehow, my birdbrained mind kept convincing me it was either tziplee's or those graphic arts shops.

In most model kits I have encountered, I have never seen these models offered. And so, this nameless company decided to take the risk, which I am thankful for. Actually, I am not thankful because for all I know, this could be a suspected recast. How I wished I can find the original. Then again, I am not too sure about the scale either as these are usualy meant for architecture models and the 1/35 is very odd for them.

But finally, its mine!

Man, this is going to be fun!

Now, I a can use them for some diorama (If I ever get the chance to build one)

Yes, and I am happy that the PC screen is a flat screen.
In the meantime, its going to the 'to-do' bin as you know, work comes first.