Poor old friend

They were friends for a very long time, even longer than she can remember. How they came to be, perhaps was a lovely story. When she was sad, he was there. And when she was unwell, he kept her spirits up. He was alyways there for her, never leaving her side. But as time goes on, people change.

Her parents might be worried that she always depend on him, sometimes to the point of missing dinner or not doing well in school. Day and night, they were always together.

So, one day, while they were on a journey, a very determined person made sure he never reached their destination together. Maybe it was fate or just a bump in the road, we will never know.

But we do know that she was inconsolable and maybe she cried for seven days and seven nights. As for him, we know that he is sad even though he does not show it. Not knowing the place, he waited for her on the very same spot day after day. But he knows she will never come back for him. Dirty and uncared for, he knows he must move on. But something from within stops him.

So there he was, waiting day after day.

So loyal and unflinching,

Waiting day after day.

But deep inside, he knows.

She will never come back for him.......

Reversing into him would be unbearable