The Return of the Girls

Hari Raya Holidays. Yes, HOLIDAYS. There are three days of Holidays for me. I am not going to count Saturday because by the time I finished, it was already early evening. And so, for three days of pure absolute bliss........ I don't know what to do, actually. Wife and the girls would be gone from Saturday to Monday, leaving me all alone. OK, so not alone as my parents are still in the house. And so, the first thing on my list would be to:

1) Prep the Notebook to download all the Russel Peters stand-up comedies.
2) Sleep as much as I want
3) Sleep some more
4) Just in case, Sleep again.
5) One more for the road........

Ha ha ha. But no. Apart from #1 on the list, I had a lot of things to do and this is the best opportunity to get them near to completion, if possible:

1) For one, I need to figure out how to pack Nex's Longshot so that it would appear very suspicious under the Custom's X-ray machines.
2) Complete the circuit board design for the Polar Lights 1/350 Navigation circuits. Yeah, no more breadboard for this little circuit.
3) Take pictures of myself naked and upload......... er, forget that one. I'm married.
4) Complete the CCTV tool
5) Start on R&D for sound chips so i can finish Peter's Playmates Toys STNG Phaser.
6) And so on.

OK, so two out of six is done. And just in time too because by the time I realised I forgot to open the door and say hello to my parents, it was already Monday. And that was the day, Wife and girls are coming back.

And so, after three days and two night of spreading chaos in the neighbourhood, it was time to return home... . . . And I am sure, I will be told of the terrible things done by the two lovely Angels.

Wow. Loads of toys. They went shopping?

Even more toys at the back.

Later in the night, Kristine showed her
toys to me. One of them was a Barbie-
like doll which she stripped her naked
and then dressed her up again. I think
she was curious about the two bumps...

And then she combed her hair......... with a kitchen
utensil? Oh well, this is to make sure she is still a
girl. Girls play with Barbie dolls don't they? A few
days later, or should I say, the next day, it was
completely forgotten.

And then, the most expensive item in the whole
inventory. And MR18.00 guitar with no strings
attached (ha ha ha ha)

Kristine the RockStar!

Then she switched off the lights to show
the guitar effects better.

The next few shots would be bad
because I used fixed focus since it
is hard for the auto-focus in the

Yeah! Baby!

And the Karate Kid drum

The tambourine

This is Kristine using the tambourine in a weird way

Back to the guitar again

And this time with Kaelynn as the supporting band

Finally, the hairband where, "Uncle took
off the butterfly"

Before she goes to sleep, I told Kristine to pack her
bags with two toys only for the Genting trip and
when she emptied her bag.....


I've forgotten who bough them more water colours but they were occupied for one whole day. I was afraid of the mess they would create but at the endof the day, it was not so bad. This time, there were no spilt water or paints (to my knowledge).

But seeing them painting, reminds me of my art classes where every week I seem to buy some colours because I've forgotten where they were the week before. And yeah, like every other classes, I just waft through them, like I was in a dream. So, by now, you'd also come to the conclusion that my art sucks too. I could never understand the concept of water colours. Sure, they look nice but maybe its just me.

However, I will try them soon since I have got my own pencil water colours........

This is how the water colour turned
out when you mix too much colours

Kristine's first painting. I remembered this as I
took it out to dry under the Sun.

Later on, when I came back, these were hers

One more here

And slowly, moving into numbers

Nice idea.

Here's another attempt

I believe these are Kaelynn's

I think this was her's too.

Ah, this was her first attempt. It
was soaked until the paper under
it was wet too.

And come bedtime, guess who's left to clean up?

This is Mommy's job.

Crocs @ RM20.00

Just right after the ordeal of the eyebrows, we decided to stop by Lucky Garden as Wife we needed to buy an extra copy of the Newspaper. This was where I got the rectangular pencil. Anyway, just as we were about to go home, once we turned the corner, there was a small commotion. Apparently, someone had just started a small stall selling fake Crocs. And so, Wife decided to have a look-see. We wanted to get a pair for Kaelynn since she does not have much shoes. And looking at the nature of this quick set-up, I doubt they will be back so soon.

And so, look at the the amount of shoes
on display. There are so many and also
for everyone. I wanted a loafer but they
don't have one for my size.

These are for small kids. But with
such colours, I am not sure if they
are the real thing or not.

And these are for teenagers, I think

And this is a very different design

There is even a high heel version but the ladies
are grabbing them and I do not want people to
notice I am taking photos all the time. This one
is a more conservative design.

Oh, and just in case you want to decorate your
shoes, you can buy these, these pin things for
RM10 for four.

Why you want to do that, I just don't know.

Wife chose these for going to market

Oh, and they're selling these T-shirts for Rm15

Alas, we got the wrong size for Kaelynn
and had to rush back. Then, we found
that the smallest still would not fit her
and so, the shoes goes to Kristine, which
was still a tad too large. And at RM25 too.

The one with the new eyebrows

By now, you would be wondering, where is the post about the Bird Park? Heh.

To cut a long story short, its a hot day.
And someone wants to have her eyebrows done.
In Kepong.
Behind my office.

Anway, I don't mind because it has been talked about for months and this is the perfect time to go. And for me, its also the perfect time to run a few errands too. So, we car-pooled to save petrol, of course. After dropping them off, I did my errands.

Unfortuntely, the comics shop was closed.
I found out later that it was not closed. I
went there too early as they now open at
3 or 4 in the afternoons on Mondays and
Tuesdays. This is the fourth time I forgot.
And the Nokia 5800 is not so hot in this shot

The "battle-damaged" NX-01 going for RM656.00

What do you mean they had to poke your skin?
Its more like a tatoo already! You' better take
care tonight, see if there is any fever or not. I
cannot show you picture of the eyebrows as I do
not want to die prematurely. The sketch above
should give you a rough idea........

Some stuff I got for myself with the remaining salary.
A set of Faber-Castell colour pencils that can turn to
water (RM24) colour, a brush and 165gsm paper. Oh,
this time, I got the Al Pacino figure. The total came to
Rm35, which is a bargain as I think I saved RM8.00

This was the last one and they were kind enough to
take him out of the display (because the one I wanted
was sold). There are two versions, with the other one
being on a sitting position. This was taken from a die-
cast car used by Al Pacino in the movie Scarface.

In a Lucky Gardens bookshop, I came across this
rectangular pencil again. It was sold in Daiso (not
the exact model) For RM5.00. Here, it was being
sold for RM3.00 including the RM1.00 for 6 leads.
I did not buy from Daiso because I could not find
the refills. So, not everything at Daiso is a bargain.

For Jawi writng and musical notes

Very very weird. When I have the time, I will
test it out.

Cheese talks.....

While going to Jalan Terasek, I took the girls out with me so that the house can have some peace and quiet. And while driving, we came upon the topic of cheese. And so, I took them to McDonalds for two kiddy meals. Luckily, I had Rm15.00 in the car as I forgot to bring my wallet. But I did have to get back to the car for some loose change as the total came up to RM16.40.

Me: You like cheese?
Kristine: Yeah
Kaelynn: Me too.

Kristine: I like cheese on top (of anything)

Kaelynn: I like cheese
Me: Without anything?
Kaelynn: Yeah. And I like this cheese (McDonalds) than the house one (Kraft)
Kristine: Daddy, can we come to McDonalds everyday? I like cheese!

Me: Then how come you're not finishing the burger?

Kristine: It got pepper and very salty

So, I tried it and bleck! Its salty, spicy and full of herbs. No wonder they preferred the hash browns.
What a piece of $#!&

Everything was fine until much later, in the
evening I spotted this. Its processed cheese
stuck to the wall for weeks. And this time, I
agreed with my Wife that they ARE my girls