Blood test Result

The result's out and this time, its the start of my worries. For you see, apart from my normal uric acid levels, I now have cholestrol. Just a bit of it, nothing to worry about but the Doc says I have to change my lifestyle, which means (and she really means it):

1) More exercise
I need to exercise more instead of the normal stairs I climb to see my customers.

2) No more red meat
Well, yeah, I've stayed off for years.

3) More fish, exp tuna
Wall, hey, I love tuna but its expensive.

4) No more late nights
She actually said that. So, I have to (try) to hit the pillows by Ten.

And so, that is the outcome, which is already depressing. I mean, by the time the kids are asleep, that's the time I am free to do my "things". Also, I have started eating oats (weeks) before the blood test and walk a bit more eve since I met zybisko14's Dad last year.

And I get a free card reminding my Blood type.
The Doc says I can give but its a bit hard for
me to receive.

On another note, when I reviewed back the recording, which I recorded my conversation with the Doctor using my Nokia 5800, I actually came across as very sarcastic. It took me a few moments to realise this. With the right intonation and replies, I projected myself as a sarcastic person even when I have good intentions. Maybe this is why I seldom have many friends. Ha ha ha ha ha.