Scenes from LCCT

When the LCCT was opened in March 23, 2006, all local flights (OK, AirAsia) has been tranferred there. In other words, if you cannot pay for a decent fare, you have been punished by being forced to go to another place far far away from those well paying folks. Ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, the way to LCCT is a bit further, and if you look at the map, your first reaction would be, "What the Fuck! Its a Goddam big roundabout!". The LCCT is situated along the way to the F1 circuit and is the next neighbour to the KLIA's cargo area. So, imagine the taxi fares and the extra time you need (Not sure about the cost but the Limo charged me RM10 extra). Anyway, its already near to three weeks and there is complains about not enough space at the LCCT. Which is good news for business, methinks.

So, KLIA will be a bit "emptier" from now on. And because of the LCCT, I don't think I will be going the way of ERL unless they build a connection stop there.

This is the scene that welcomes you as soon as you step off the Taxi

This is the scene that welcomes you as soon as you open the doors

I don't know what the heck is Asian Kitchen but...

From the same decorations with the Clownhouse,
its almost a bit confusing at early in the morning

Its 0445am in the morning and already there is a long line

People are queuing up to queue up

The whole building looked as if its one big container

Once you checked in, the waiting area is quite nice
It has its own shops, with a few more on the way

This is very nice.

You buy the food in the plastic boxes, they do something to it,
you pay the money and sit outside for other people to look at

Why they heck they sell shoes here, I will never understand
Unless its for people who walked all the way from KLIA........

Nice water dispenser whing outside the toilets.
People would think this is a baby washer.
Maybe if you drink at some funny angles, you can peep into the toilets

The Fear before the Flight

After missing my flight for the first time last month, this time I am going to make sure I get to the airport on time. No more ERLs, no more driving, and not even a bad case of diarrhea will stop me. Yes, this time, I am going to get the Airport Limo to drive me there. Since the flight is 0705 on AirAsia, I have requested to be picked up at 0430. I have made the calls twice and confirmed the booking as well and just for safety, I pushed the time further to 0400.

And as you know it, Muprhy's Law set into action. You see, the Limo driver was already in Bangsar at 0400 but got lost in Lucky Garden. After some frantic calls, to the Limo Centre, finally did he came but through Jalan Maaroff (Bangsar's Main Road).

Throughout the drive, even with the tempered glass separating us, I can still hear the Centre scolding the driver for getting lost. So, to compensate, he drove quite fast, which I think in the region of 150 to 165kmh. Luckily there were ot much traffic in the early hours of the morning.

But once we arrived at LCCT, he kept on apologising to me, which I said is alright since we still have time. All the seat grabbing and excitement for only RM84.40 (Extra RM10 to the LCCT).

This is the insides of an Airport Limo

And its going very fast

Even a Bengwira cannot catch it

Nor a speeding Perdana

But wait, whats this?

The speedo is not working and I
don't even want to know the speed!