To Jonathan

Dear Jon,

Yep, its all done and I wanted to come over this evening to hand it over to you but I couldn't. You see, I was sick with the Flu and it is not nice to give this gift to you either. So, I will see you between Monday to Wednesday. That is, as soon as my Job is completed as the Factory is still very busy.

Oh, and here are some of the things you might need to do:
1) You will have to find a way to secure the black battery box to a belt. I have used eight AA betteries for this project. But its not 12 volts, though as I have paralleled two 6 volts together to give a longer run.

2) You might also need to secure the control box to a wrist/strap. I could not do this now since I cut my thumb and its not nice to spill blood into the circuits. The box is a bit cracked and so, you might want to use Superglue on this.

3) The controls for the circuit (via the control box) are:
-First blue button on the left is to select the pattern. Its almost random.
-second left blue button is to light up all the LEDs. You might want to press it a bit harder as I think the wires could be blocking it inside.
-The red button is the 'speed' button.

4) Whatever you do, DO NOT PULL AT THE WIRES! This is because during Comic Fiesta on the 16th or 17th, I WILL NOT BE THERE as technical backup.

Oh, and the white box is the controller. And
as I have mentioned above, DO NOT PULL

I haz de cut

This is very stupid. I know I've just woken up from the flue rest but this is not a good excuse. Because in my hurry to put the finishing touches to a daft Punk Helmet project, I forgot to use my brain.

This was a very simple thing, just cut four nice little holes for a plastic box. Well, it was simple to me although I do not have any proper tools except for a pair of pliers and a big blade. Yeah, one day I might have to save up to get a proper power or rotary tool.

Since the plastic was soft, I just had to score the little lines and gently use the pair of pliers to weaken them. But just as I was about to make the first deep score, the blade scored first.

And the best thing was, we could not find the
proper plaster. So, while all this was happening,
I was bleeding non-stop. In the end, I had to
use a cellophane tape to make sure Mickey
does his job well. And it was still bleeding
in the evening.

And the first cut was in the late 90's where I had to wait for a Supervisor to finish talking to his staff (because it was rude to interrupt) while my hand was bleeding to the floor, forming a pool of blood....... well, that's just me.

Update: One day laterDang! Its still bleeding. I hope there is no infection

Update: Two days laterI have to change the bandage almost every half day
because the blood would not stop.

And finally, after a few more days, the wound have
healed and there is a scar. Its painful when I press
on it though. Luckily I can still move my thumb

To Jonathan Dei

OK, your daft Punk Helmet electronics is ready. There
are about 13 different patterns in there and is selectable
via a button, the other button is to 'speed' it up and one
last button is to make all LEDs light up.

I haz de Flu

Well, this is the most awful weekend surely. All I can do was to sleep. And take medication. And sleep, etc.

Actually, this is a very bad flu for me because its not the usual Flu. The symptoms were very different and reacted very fast. From a simple itchy throat to a full running nose to headaches to minimal joint pains and so on. All within 24 hours.

And I would dare say this IS a very different Flu because it was imported all the way from UK with a stopover in Penang.

But, being a dad and all, I still have to do my best for my family even though I came out as cranky and anti-social. I mean, at Mid-Valley today, I would not have scolded an old man who rushed to take toilet paper away from me. But I did. And that did not make me feel better, though. Nor his son, who was standing behind me, red faced. Nor the old man's wife who actually came into the men's toilet because the queue at the ladies was unbearably long.

I pitied the old woman because Kaelynn accidentally pee'd all over the toilet seat which I intended to clean up using THE toilet paper in the first place. So, this might explain the old man's rush for the toilet paper. Sigh.

I got this when I was covering up my mouth when
I coughed. Its yellow colour means there is infection
somewhere. Oh, and if you swallow it, it tastes kind
of sweet. But I would not reccommend this as a sugar
replacement, OK?