The Hapiness of the coming New Year

Its time to take another break. There is nothing I can do at the moment to solve the problem in the factory. And working in this environment, taking a day off for me, is not a good thing because for the rest of the holidays, I would be sitting around worrying. Of course there is nothing to worry because it won't solve anything. Yeah, right. You're you and I am me. I know it won't go away despite my begging to the workforce and pleading with the customer. But then, this is my whole life since young. I know that even if I followed procedures correctly, crap is still going to come after me.

Anyway, enough of this. Time to concentrate on the place which is not even mine. Yes, Life sucks when you have insufficient money and a dead Sunset career.

This was the Panasonic Water filter we got weeks ago and we decided to put this on the outer kitchen. It has an expiry date at end of May 2012, but since due to our current situation, the actual expiry date could be years away.

Our very own blender! I am so excited! Hello, healthy drinks!

Ah, just in time too because the furniture we ordered a week ago is now here

Not going to tell you what it is just yet but the girls are very very happy

They're so happy, you can actually see the smiles etched in their face. Just joking, They're actually tired out from all the excitement from the new furniture.

This is the AFTER picture where, its a nightmare to keep them awake.

I forgot what this was but it was crunchy and delicious. Still the dinner was enjoyable until it took me off my troubles.

And so, I would like to wish you a very Happy Ne....Oh-oh.

Yes, any problem?

 I am not sure what to say either