New dresses

Both girls have new dresses today
but its so hot that we only let them
try it for a few minutes. Yeah, after
a few minutes of jumping and joy,
they began to sweat.

Blood test

Our company now requires us to have a yearly health test, which I fully support. Not only would the test give us some indication of our, physical health, at least we know how healthy we are. The test was supposed to be done last two months ago but because of the busy schedules, none of us could afford to lose a service call for this. So, this week, I made sure we're all going to do the test. Unfortunately, when the day came, everyone except me did not fast on the night before.

This is so weird. Not only is Rm120 not enough, they want your piss and draw blood to see how healthy you are. Whatever happened to simple Q&A, hammer to the knee and a healthy dose radiation?

The guy told me to take the middle part of the urine.
Huh? Yes, the middle part. When you start to wee-wee,
that is the beginning part, which has nothing in it. You
need to collect the middle part of your urine before the
ending part comes.
And is wee-wee in the toilet before I came here....haiyo.

I did not manage to get the photo of the Doctor jabbing
into my vein as I had my eyes closed. I'm a bit squeamish
when it comes to blood, especially my own blood.Then
again, the Doc might think I am some malpractise spy,
and might kill me there and then instead. Anyway, I'll
know about the results one week later.

The frog

Yeah, everyone want to do that now