More Stickers

Coming out of Damansara Uptown, since I did not eat lunch, I had some cash and decided to get some boxes or little treasures for the girls. And the only one I could think of were those quails eggs molds which makes cute little faces on the eggs. But how to get those quails egg was another problem. However, when I turned round the corner........

This is a bit of a shock. The 100 yen store is gone!

And so, I went to the other store and got
some nice stickers for the girls. Naturally,
Kaelynn was pleased. I let her choose the
stickers since she was the only one awake.

And she chose Winnie the Pooh, which usually
was Kristine's choice. But then, as Kristine grew
up, she progressed to Princesses and Fairy Tales

There's something special about these stickers
as there were a lot of tiny glitter. As you turn
them about, they will shine as if there were
hundreds of photographers flashing at you.

As expected, Kristine got the leftover,
which were the Princesses. Look at
the happy face.

In the end, I think Kaelynn gave some
of the Pooh stickers to Kristine. But I
am not sure if Kristine returned the
favour, though.