Light charging The Casio Protrek

While I was at Sungei Wang, I went to my friend to talk to him about my Casio Protrek which is always showing "LOW" battery these past fey days.

Me: Whei. Long time no see. I got a problem with my watch la.
Cheong: What problem?
Me: It keeps asking for my friend, Low.
Cheong: Huh?
Me: OK, the watch indicator shows "LOW" battery all the time now. Previously, for the past six months, the battery meter showed "MID" only
Cheong: Oh, that problem. Just shine it under the light for minimum seven hours. Must charge wun.
Me: But I got charge ma. Every time I go here and there, always got light, wat.
Cheong: You must not do partial charge or else the battery, lik eyour handphone, will die faster
Me: How come you never tell me all these when I bought from you?
Cheong: . . . . .
Me: OK, tonight I charge and if it does not work, I'll come and look for you.
Cheong: . . . . .

Cheng.. Cheng.. cheng chengchengcheeeengg..........

And so, for the first time, I have to
take off the watch for it to charge

System installation @ IMC Part III

Well, first thing in the morning, I am off to the customer's site. Hopefully, this morning, the Time Telekom people would have transferred the lines over from their old office. Surprisingly, at about 0830, there were not much cars about. And the route I take to the customer's office is usually jam packed.

I waited and waited and waited. For more than three bloody hours, these fuckers did not show. So, instead of wasting my time, I decided to have lunch at Sungei Wang and then see another customer after that. And I told the customer, if these people did show up, tell them to label the lines so that I can transfer it into the PABX inside. I prefer them not to do it. And the customer agreed as well because they are frustrated with them too.
[Parking charges: RM5.00]

Mid-way, when I was at another customer, the customer called and informed me that the morons are here. Wow. Talk about six hours response time. (Or rather more than three days). So, instead of chewing their ass out, I tersely told them to lable the lines and get the fuck out of there. So, I did as fast as I can because it was rude to drop everything.
[Parking charges: RM12]

By the time I finished with the current customer, I went back to attend to them and it was not finished until eight in the evening.
[Parking charges: RM8.00]

Can you spot the new telephone lines?

Is it here in the new DP Box? No.

Is it here in the crap DP Box? No.

Why, its here, next to the humongous cables!
And with the 'special' label too!