Working on a Sunday

Today is Sunday and just like any other days, it does not make any difference to me. (But it does, for my family) still, we had to make sure our project is completed according to schedule. I have been driving to this place almost everyday to ferry raw materials for my techs to complete the job. And today, the warehouse must be completed as they will be giving the floor a new coat of
paint by tomorrow.

Some of you would shudder at the thought or working on a weekend because you'd feel that your "freedom" for the week has gone. Then, you friends would start talking nonsense like, make your Boss pay you double overtime or you will refuse to work, etc. Some might even say, "Wah, you still get paid like shit and still need to work like this?". But you have to understand one thing. Just one thing and everything will be crystal clear:

I am responsible for putting food on the table and also my family's future as no one else can.

Even if I am your friend and you feel guilty about me working on the weekends, don't. Because I do not want you or your Boss to say things like this on a Monday morning, "Why is my phone not working?"

See? Once you realise this, everything else does not matter anymore. The kind of jobs we do, we have to take every opportunity that comes along. Because, the faster it is done, the faster we get paid and also, the more jobs we can take.

And maybe more money for me at the end of the day. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Luckily for us, we found a scaffolding as the cables
we're going to lay is quite high, beyond the reach
of our normal six foot ladders

See how high it is?

I did something stupid in the morning as I was still "asleep"
I accidentally touched on some paint and by reflex, wipe
my runny nose and wondered why where the paint smell
came from for minutes. By then the paint stuck.

Towards noon, the warehouse was quite hot even with the
air-con running. Trust me, you do not want to see what
they did after lunch.

We went to pack some lunch at some nearby 24 hours 365
days a year mamak. I know they're bluffing because they
need to close for Hari Raya, so its usually 363 days a year

A big packet of rice and a piece of chicken with a can of Pepsi
set me back by RM6.60. Although the chicken was delicious
and its chili made me sweat buckets, I wished I had a big
glass of Malta......