1/20 Falke

When I examined the Falke, I did not realise it was that big. I kept forgetting that this was the Lunadiver. However, both are not the same scale. For one, the Falke is 1/20th while the Lunadiver is 1/35th. Anyway you look at it, the Lunadiver is still 'bigger'. One day, I want to get it but right now, the Falke will suffice.

OK, so the box is big. Its about 19 inches or so,
according to my thumb and ring finger, that is.

But once you open the box, the model is roughly
about 40cm. in length.

A nice surprise is that even under the box,
there are some printed fiction.

So, this is a quick look-see of the kit and I am not starting on it yet as I need to have a better look at the instruction kit since my main aim is to light it up (again). So, its over to Bruce's for some clear casting help... stay tuned, folks.


As I sat there silently, the girls were busy with their books. Here are some shots of them reacting to each page...

Kaelynn looking at Kristine's school books

Kristine looking at her own school books

Kaelynn looking at Kristine's work...

Busy Sunday 17042011

Wife is still sick and so, I have no mood to do anything else other than worry about her. Because I'm a guy and me being me, its hard for me to show my feelings. Still, at the end of the day, I just sit alone and worry. But this is not doing anyone good and so, .... well, nothing.

But in the evening, she did ask me to go to Mid-Valley, to get some things for her, which she needs by Monday. And so, I decided to bring the girls along since there is nothing else to do in the house.

Talk about timing. In just a few minutes, Vincci
started their fashion show and from where we
were, we're literally in the front seat.

One thing is that these models were tall. Very very
tall. Most of them, I think, flew in from somewhere.

And I really liked the background which
is kind of well, nice and also surreal.

The girls having some fun in The Gardens

The gigantic Milleniun Falcon, was right beside
them and all they want to do was stare at some
Transformers. Sheeesh... kids nowadays.

Finally, Kaelynn said she was thirsty and we
had to go down three floors to get their very
favourite "Dragon Eye" drink. And she did
not settle for any other drink.

Once we got all the items Mommy wanted, it was
time for us to go back and I went to Art Friend
one more time to get some balsa wood since it did
not make sense to carry 40 inches of fragile wood
around during shopping.

They're growing up and this time,
they insist of going to the proper

Krsitine took a brochure from Art Friends and
pretended it was a map so she could guide us
all the way back to Vee-chai.

And she thinks it more effective than my
Nokia n8 OVI Maps.

The Gweilo and his Har mee

The gweilo (Cantonese for foreigner and I am not going to tell you the Malay version since its not nice) or, Hom Mo Guai (Red Furred Ghost) is very different from us. This is very apparent when I was growing up. But with the advent of the Internet and Movies, they're so common nowadays and no one, I mean, no one is afraid of them anymore.

But we still treat them as someone superior even though they're not. Just by being there, the can command any situation. Why we gave it to them, I have no idea.

Two Decades ago, if he comes here, he would be
stared at, as if some alien just came down. One
decade ago, he is living among us and we see
them as rich, filthy rich and also, obscenely
powerful. Today, he's just as common as any
one of us.

Machinen Krieger 1/20 Falke

Yep. Got it. Right beside me. I'm trembling
with excitement while driving.


Today's lesson was a very short one. Before I could warm up with my work, it was finished. At first, when we arrived, we notice there was a lot of cars and it could not be some PTM activity. It was not until Kristine came to me and told me that she had been graded and we can now all go home.

Yes, I was very confused.... I mean, there is so much information you can take in before your brain decided to switch itself off.

This explains why there were so many parents.
All their kids are being graded and I think, some
of them might not be from this school. Then again,
I am never right in this matter. Parents of all races
were anxious while the both of us did not take much
notice all this excitement until too late.

So, just to blend in like any parent,
I decided to take some photos but
come to think of it, I regretted not
having the chance to video Kristine
going through her moves.

In the meantime, Kaelynn was busy too, but with
her own stuff. I like this one, don't you?