The Gweilo and his Har mee

The gweilo (Cantonese for foreigner and I am not going to tell you the Malay version since its not nice) or, Hom Mo Guai (Red Furred Ghost) is very different from us. This is very apparent when I was growing up. But with the advent of the Internet and Movies, they're so common nowadays and no one, I mean, no one is afraid of them anymore.

But we still treat them as someone superior even though they're not. Just by being there, the can command any situation. Why we gave it to them, I have no idea.

Two Decades ago, if he comes here, he would be
stared at, as if some alien just came down. One
decade ago, he is living among us and we see
them as rich, filthy rich and also, obscenely
powerful. Today, he's just as common as any
one of us.

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Nex said...

Here's something I've observed while working overseas, and in KL...

Most of the gweilo and gweipo working in this region are here because they can not make it in their own countries, most commonly because they've ran out of social welfare/unemployment benefits and can no long afford to pay the rent or health care in their home country...

Others were replaced by people from here (M'sia/S'pore etc)who migrated there and are smarter and more hard working then them.

Sad but true...