System Installation @ Prai

So, we arrived in Prai late in the evening and the customer's place was closed. We learnt later that is was still open but because the actual Boss is not there, we cannot do much. So, we settled for a nice Steamboar Buffet dinner with Loctor Mayat.

Day I
On the next morning, we went down to check if the new PABX has arrived and also to go around the site to check on the phones and their extensions. Because we're going to replace the old PBX with the new PABX, this meant that the old phones would have to be changed as well. So, our plan was to take note of all the extensions and their settings, change half the phones (since the other half was non Digital which was still being used) transfer all the old cabling to an open-frame style and also mount/install the new PABX side by side. And once this was done, we would perform a switch-over after that.

This is the old PBX model which is located near the roof

It has been exposed to the elements, which is not so good

I feel so sad about it

Some parts are already rusting badly

And some parts are being made into homes

My job was to takle the PBX's cabling

And most of it were in a sorry state

The other team were to prep the new PABX and install it

2130: I am halfway there..........
The cables are dirty, hardened and also pisssed me off

By near midnight, the new system is ready, and so are the cabling
And we switched over

If not for the flash, my hands would be very dirty indeed (so was my nose)

Everyone was tired except me. I was too tired to sleep
as I had been standing still for four hours on the cables
Now only that, the guy on my left snored every 15 minutes
while my colleague on my right snored the whole night

Not even some night photography could wear me out

Day II
On the next day, we came earlier and checked all the phones. Some were not working as the cabling was not correct (yeah, my fault, due to tiredness) and we had to rectify that. As for the remaining analog phones, we converted them into the new Digital ones. And since that room was full of analog phones, we decided to increase the number of phones there for convenience. This is because for a single extension cable, you have four wires inside. And analog phones uses all four of them. When we converted them into Digital which uses only two, the remaining two wires are free to be used for another extension.

The older system has been removed

On the way out, there was another area which needed
our attention but because it was not stated in the
service work order, we cannot do much about it

Woo-hoo! Time to go home!
By this time, my colleague's sorethroat developed into a
full blown flu/hayfever/cough/running nose, etc.
I suspect it could be the Buffet Steamboat which started it as the soup
was Tom Yam and he fried a lot of stuff, then the Haze in Penang and
also, the stuffiness and the air-con on full in Hotel Berlin.

One the way out, there was a small traffic jam

Caused by a huge crack on the bridge. Earlier in the morning,
we saw a few cars with punctures parked on the road
shoulder. The Police and these Engineers came soon
after. Yeah very serious indeed.

But, before we went on our way, we stopped by the Megamall so
that I could get something for Kristine. I walked almost four
rounds there until Loctor SMSed that all DVD shops are not
there anymore except only at night. Damn.
I could have bought a lot for RM5 apiece