When Kaelynn sneezes

Maybe she's still growing up and maybe (I hope not) its starting to be one of her traits. Whenever she sneezes, she would just sneeze as any normal child does but it does not stop there.......

OK, here is a shot of Kaelynn who is about to sneeze

Yeah, and the stuff just dripped out.

Crunchy Green Chillies

When my Mom pickled green chillies, they were
crunchy. Really really crunchy. And sweet. And
the normal hawker green chilies are not crunchy.
I tried to imagine I was eating my Mom's and
also add some sesame seed. But its not the same.

Rubbing my back

For the past two days, just after that trip to the Lake Gardens, my back was really sore. And until today, I still could not understand how a simple trip can hurt my back. But I still suspect the bulky lifevest which made me sit leaning back to paddle the boat. Anyway, my Wife pitied me because I was literally walking around like an Old Man, she told me to lie down so that she could massage my back.

Well, this is one offer I could not refuse!

And so, we tried the old expired
"Tit ta chau", which was as
effective as sugar to sweets.

Then we tried the next one, which was
also expired but not too long. And man,
this one really kicks (my back) as not
only does it cools you in the first place
but once the rubbing starts, you can
feel as if your skin is smoking. Yes, its
burning hot.

Since I was on the floor with the other lens feet
away, I have no choice but to use the 50mm which
is starting to become my main lens. As you can see,
there are no knives here sine we're not in an office.
And no, that rise in my pants is not what you think
it is. Moreover, you cannot make shapes with dung.