25062011 Trip to The Curve

Nothing much to do today, except to bring the girls to a bookshop as they needed some new stationeries. And so, the best place to go was Popular Bookstore. Since its a Sunday, we decided to try the one at The Curve...

One of the things I liked was these new range of
Diaries. The size is quite nice, almost like those
of Moleskin's.

But what really made the book worth it was the cover
material. Its so unique. But for the price, its expensive.

Oho... a smaller book and this
one looks very familiar....

Different bins for different things.
But to all Malaysians; "Thank
Goodness there are two other
bins. Which stupid idiot designed
such small bins?"

Since we're already 'out', the next logical place for lunch would be within the vicinity of The Curve. And so, we, once again, settled at Madam Kwan's, which is not only the most convenient spot but also, starting to be our more common restaurant of choice.

Alas, Madam Kwan's has deteriorated.
Just look at the quality of the seats.

Still, we made great effort to just concentrate
on what we came for. Food.

This is a first sign. A sign of what, I am not sure
because my mind was still on the seats.

Still, the food came and everyone was more or
less, enjoying their food. Then again, everyone
was hungry after traipsing about in the bookstore

Man, this Fried Rice looks delicious

Which is more that what Kaelynn can eat since
both girls have violent allergic reactions to hot
stuff (read: chilies). But my mind is still on those
damn seats, which is convincing me to try the
restaurant across Madam Kwan's in the future...

Afterwards, it was off to Tesco which, by amazing
coincidence, was located above Madam Kwan's.
Here, you can see how Spongebob has turned
violent, starting with Nerf Knock-offs.

I really hate it when my mind is stuck on something
which has no relevance. Such as what would happen
if I jumped onto those worn seats at Madam Kwan's.
Yep, stuff like these (left) might jump out of

the broken seat covers...