ZeroGunz Weatherting vs Metallic GB Gathering

Today is a very special day. This is because there is a gathering at ICW (Infinite Creation Workshop) to celebrate the Weathering vs Metallic Group Build. And this is a very nice opportunity to see the works of all the Sifus up close, ask them for advise and also, check out on the latest stuff there.

The Judging
This is the most important event for the day where all models were being judged. As the title of the gathering says, there two 'teams' involved. One is the Weathering and the other is the Metallic. But do not be confused about them being warring factions. They are categories and each member can enter their model for either category.

rayloke taking pictures of the models

This picture can't do the models justice because
each one of them was beautifully done.

Participants in a look left & right contest. First, they
are asked to look left and smile
at the same time.
The only rule of this mini
contest is not to blink.

Now, they are asked to look right, where there
is a camera flash...

And the winner is Julius who did not blink.
OK that was a joke. He was the winner for the
MK II with his Ma.K Gans

Once the competition is over, there was an informal
chat to discuss on the techniques involved.

After that, there was a surprise 'Auction' where
some items were specially brought in from Hong
Kong and the likes by rayloke. The money goes
to charity.

bombervince judging the models

This is the Zaku II by alphaleo14 which has a
very striking metallic scheme.

Looking more closely at the back, there
is a set of metal thrusters too.

The infamous Gundam Unicorn head
by rayloke. This is special because he
took apart a USB hub and installed it
into the model, with the hub's LED
relocated into the head's eyes.

Now you see why Julius won the prize?
Just look at the weathering of the road barrier.

This is an amazing ship done by phoon

Just look at the amount of metal thrusters being
used and don't forget to look at the
details once
you pick you jaw up from the
Did I mention it was scratch built?

New Stuff at ICW
Below are some of the new stuff which I was able to take photos of, since most of them were sold-out very fast.

The Solar turn-table.

The *ahem* Gundam lookalike stand
which has LEDs in it.

I was given the chance to open one up and
wow. Now I have a lot of ideas....

Resin Casting
A member tried casting clear resin to be used a base. By the time I arrived, the casting, I think, was already cured. Let's have a looksee...

scraping off the plasticine from the clear resin

Some of you might be thinking, why use plasticine
to make this surface? Aha but I will show you later.

Once the clear resin is free from the plasticine,
it is being washed since plasticine is oily.

Voila! Oh, its also very heavy by the way.

All cleaned and perfect

Now, look closely at the texture of the clear resin.
You will notice some very unnatural cracks. This is
from the plasticine which melted when the poured
clear resin was starting to get hot during hardening.

"What do you mean you will pay only on Tuesday?"

The second part of the Auction, where more items
came out and this, my friends, are stuff you can
get in Malaysia.

Phoon with his purchase...
"What type of model is this?"

What did I get?
I also joined in the Auction. I mean, if its for charity, why not?

A vintage 1/20 Tamiya kit

Its quite old and we looked over the tyres, and they
are near to useless although you can still see the
shape. However, being made of rubber, you will
get a lot of rubber on your hands instead.

Just looking at the level of detail is breathtaking
since this is a kit that came out during the 80's

And so, sad to say, this will be another source for

I also got some *ahem* Mechanical Base which
originally came from Kotobukiya. Since this is a
KopyKat, I bought two. I am not really supporting
the piracy in this area but when the shops that
sells them are either out of stock, plain expensive
or they do not have the one you wanted.

The Weathering Team
1. helblack
2. donc0023
3. byezhappy
4. mechaion
5. juliuslim
6. kws
7. EddyL
8. bombervince
9. rennyd
10. zero1st
11. Kamm
12. bombervince
13. oldman

Metallic team
1. Kriz
2. alphaleo14
3. mountrew
4. kws
5. Beckylaw
6. Rayloke
7. chriswoo
8. chainer
9. zeroHertz
10. neo_sigma
11. zero1st
12. bombervince
13. lfcreds91