You have moisture in your gas tank!

I was at the Petrol Station yesterday evening and while I was trying to get RM10 of petrol, one of the staff approached me. He tells me he knows how to help me save about 20% more fuel. The gist of the whole conversation was, that there is moisture inside the gas tank and one of the tell tale signs are the discolouring of the fuel tank cap. Because of the changes in pressure every time you open the cap, cold air would rush in and hot air rushes out. Because of that, condensation forms. In order to prevent such things from happening, there are two ways: Get the mechanic to do it, who will empty your tank, throw away the petrol and then change your carburettor, all for RM120. Or use his way (ta-daaa!) which any customer can do, which is to use Bardahl and it will work up to three months.

OK, I have been using Bardahl on my Satria with no problems and so, it was easy to convince me to get this too. (OK, I have nothing else better to do because of the evening jam). But getting it was a problem. I only have RM20 and the station would not accept my Maybank ATM card for non-petrol purchases (and when I insisted, their card reader could not read my card). So, the staff recommended me to wait for another customer who will fill up with RM30 worth of petrol and we will exchange the cash with my ATM entry. Smart.

And then, all of a sudden, there are no more customers coming for the next ten minutes. So I had to walk all over to a Maybank ATM just to get RM50. Sheesh.

How do I feel after using Bardahl this morning?
The van feels "energetic" and has a lot of power.
Yeah, right. Must be the tires I filled up with more
air yesterday. But fuel tank indicator shows a very
worrying sign. I'll know better on the next three
tankfuls. I hope.