01022012 CNY Dinner @ Saisaki

OK, we're going to Saisaki for another round of CNY Family Dinner. This time, its the 1-Utama branch.

A bit of 'Enchanted' to keep the girls occupied until it was time to get ready

I forgot where was this taken in 1-Utama but those cakes looks good

Someone kicked out Bert

While waiting, I took a shot of the 'Old Wing'

This is the newly done up 'Old Wing'. Previously, it was occupied by JayaJusco

My first 'round;

Our Yee Sang

Here's to 2012!

My sushi selection...

My second round...

My third round...

Everyone enjoying themselves

Don't know what it was, tasted like 'begedel' and its delicious

Miso soup

10 seconds later

30 seconds later

I do not know why I took this shot

The 'Walkway' view from our table

Highly recommened and TV3 was just next door. Suspicious, no?

In the morning, all is forgotten...

Colourful ceiling of the New Wing

With Jusco gone, the area is opened up to more shops

Toys r Us! Woo hoo!

So, what has 2012 in store for all of us? I do not know but with events leading to the year, I think its not a good year for me, moreso when I am at odds with the Dragon. I tried not to believe in such things but when many events, which does not happen, happens to me. Only me and no one else. Even if I do not put in any effort into it nor 'disturb' the event. Call it Murphy's Law or whatever you like but its there. So, this is going to be a tough year for me. Sigh.

Aves Apoxie

While everyone was busy eating at Saisaki, I decided to sneak out to Craft Heaven. This was recommended by Bruce who praised the Aves brand highly. According to him, this is one putty which has the consistency of a styrene plastic and also, does not shrink when hardened. In fact, it behaves like those model kit plastic. And he swears by them.

Unfortunately, I have not heard any four letter words from him, so, he could be lying....

And so, Aves galore on this side of the wall.

This is something new to the both of us. Aves in different colours

I decided to get this one and boy, its not cheap either.

They even have Aves in packs

And also in small tubs

And lastly, for those who needs a lot...
And so, with the small Aves, I am going to have fun trying it. That is, if... I... do... need... it...

Heck. I can't find an excuse to use it now. Darn. Also, I wonder if its sensitive to heat or fire-proof....

Marvel's Icons Iron Man

Kenny just reminded me that this Marvel Legends Iron Man I bought many years ago, for RM99.00 is well, mine. I had it kept in his house when I just got married and well, one must not reveal their vices too early to their spouse.

But seriously, with my mind going anywhere but forward, I keep forgetting about a lot of things. Its like trying to flush a fast flowing toilet bowl. The moment you flush all the water away, more water came in from unknown source and fill the bowl again.

Anyway, since Kenny has opened his many years ago and told me that its made from PVC, my heart sank because to me, its worthless. This is because its not easy to paint PVC and they would react with the paint to give you that oh-so-sticky surface and smudges. My original plan was to take it apart and then light it up but with this being vinyl and all that, its not possible anymore. I mean, I can break it open but when it comes to putting it back together again, its not easy with vinyl. Oh, if only it was hard hollow plastic.

And to think I kept it all these years

I'm not even going to bother reading the comic that came with it too.