The PicStart Plus Firmware Upgrade kit

OK, I have a confession to make: I procrastinate a lot

There. Now that you know my deepest secret, its no longer a secret. Anyway, I wanted to get this upgrade kit ever since Loctor Mayat gave me some sample PIC chips*. I could not remember the reason why I wanted to upgrade my programmer but after 2 years, I finally did it. (OK, Microchip said I must upgrade it so that the Programmer is always up to date) And thanks to AutoWorld Forummer, arist188, it was within my hands after a week.

I have spent quite a sum on this programmer more than five years ago and all I ever did was to lose the cables and made some LEDs blink like crazy (OK, so my assembly programming sucks).

This year, I promised myself to finish at least some of the projects I wanted to do for the past ten years. So, one of them is to program a PIC chip that works as it should be. Hopefully, then it can be used in my PADD project.................

The firmware upgrade kit and the Programmer

Its very easy to do the upgrade your self.
Open the Programmer's casing and look for the big IC chip

Do the swap and there you go!
(Do not break any IC legs, OK?)

* - Sorry, ah, Loctor. The chips you gave me is lost somewhere in the house when we were baby-proofing our room. Now I have to buy some PIC chips to test the programmer.