Pringles in the Go!

It was almost finishing time and the Kenari was almost out of fuel too. So, I stopped by Shell to pump some petrol and picked up a pack of Pringles. Yeah, I was so busy that I had forgottten to eat again. And this morning's breakfast was quite light

Anyway, this costs me RM1.90 and had about 36 slices. Yeah, I just love stuff that has onions and garlic, followed by cheese. However, it only lasted me about 3 minutes as I wolfed it down while on the Highway.

Maybe I should have taken those RM1.60 potato buns instead as it was much more filling.

Man, these things makes you want to drink more water

Here comes the Haze

Yes, not only that, I have a sorethroat, blocked nose and itchy eyes. And its a Monday as well.

The road from Jalan Damansara towards Jalan Kuching via Hartamas