The Sleeping of Kaelynn

Kaelynn likes to sleep. But not a lot, mind you. Its just that when I start taking pictures, she was there at the wrong time and place. But like kids, both girls tend to go to sleep very fast and their record was, if I am not mistaken, less than a minute.

All you have to do is to leave them alone but by their side, so that they know they cannot 'play' anymore. Once they realise that there is nothing else interesting or someone to 'react' to their antics, their sleep more comes on...

Waiting for sis to finish her homework

On the way back from a very short trip...

Hectic First Day

Schools all over the Country open today. And this time, its something special for Kaelynn. She will be studying in a new school. We felt that she is 'English' enough and so, its time to get some Chinese into her. Because her sister is studying in the same school (but different location) it was very easy for Kaelynn to get in. Despite her weird school hours (we did not opt for the morning session) this is not a problem since we have more or less worked out the scheduling.

First one to be dropped off would be Kristine. We went there very early so that there is ample time to look for her new class. Kaelynn wanted to come along as well as she is both excited and curious about her elder sister's school.

By the time we arrived the school was full of new students and also, as usual, anxious parents.

Since there was still time, I let Kaelynn enter Kristine's class

Yep, they're both really enjoying and absorbing the atmosphere

Not sure what it was but it was something handed to her earlier

Then its time for breakfast while Kristine's class is in session

Kaelynn does not want the Yam cakes on her Nnasi Lemak

And so, its sandwich and Yam cakes for me

Other parents also had the same idea. (Breakfast, not Yam cakes)

Later in the day, its Kaelynn's turn. She is very happy because she still gets to go to school.

And even happier because she met some of her ex-classmates from the previous Kindie

Now, its back to Kristine's school to pick her up.

Since I was too early, I decided to have some lunch and also, pack some for home

OK, she was hungry so I let her have her lunch there and then

In the meantime, back at Kaelynn's class, everything was hunky-dory

Everything was planned and organised, right down to the toilet trips

Daddy! XXXXX is hitting on Kaelynn!

Finally, the school bell rang and the day is over!