24122012 Christmas Eve at KK

With Christmas being on this Sunday, it means a three day weekend for everyone. What better way than to spruce up the place. Although we're months late in activating the Plan, but as long as there is progress, I am happy. You see, regardless of the situation, that place needs looking after once in a while or else it would look worse than being neglected. Right off the list, there are a lot of things that needs to be done, with the painting being last.

With all the stuff in the car, its time to start our journey. Yeah, there are still a lot of my stuff to bring over.

When I was small, I was worried about paining because the only thing I can remember was that the paints were very hard to clean off. Now, its just water-based. And so, for a bit of money, we got some primer and white paint. And for once in my life, I am actually looking forward to painting the gate. We bought the topcoat in a larger can because this was the only one which is water-based. Knowing that I am very careless with paints, it will be easier to wash off. The 'Pearl Silk' White Paint was also water-based too.

But before that, its time for Lunch at KFC...

Eeewww.... I am not sure what caused this but it has something to do with mosquitoes. And I don't think they're rolling mud/dirt while we're away.

The RM5.00 foam wall protector from Daiso. Its meant for protecting either the walls or the car.

but I am going to put it to better use, which is to protect the fridge door from wall-slams.

So, with most of the chores done, the place is more or less livable again. Tired from the day's work, everyone went to bed early except me. Because this is now a good time for me to sneak a peek into my package sent by Kenneth from UK. Want to know what he got me?

He got me a PS3.... what a disappointment. Ha ha ha ha. To be honest, no one dares to send me a PS3 unless they want my Wife to kill them a thousand times over.

But actually, inisde the PS3 box, there were three 12" Tron Legacy Lightcycles which he helped me ship over. What is so special about this is that during the Tron Legacy movie, only UK has these toys and they're huge. The US do not have them but instead have the Discs which comes in three versions. For there rest of the World, apart from the skimpy looking action figures, they either have the discs or they don't. But the 12" bikes only exist in the UK. weird.