See? Anger wounds are difficult to heal.
And it takes a long time


Nowdays, with the two girls running about, its very difficult for me to have a quiet moment. Whatever things I raided from the fridge, they would hear it and wants some too. And sometimes, when I need to read some newspaper or document, they're there to wreak havoc. And at times, when you needed to do things, Wife would call you too. So, as far as privacy or personal time is concerned, there is none.

Until that is, when I returned to my favourite past-time. Whenever anyone goes to the toilet, everyone else who knows you're in there, would not disturb you, even if its an emergency. Now, that is a brilliant idea!

When I was in the toilet, I used to read papers, sketch my ideas, read comics, take apart some stuff and so on. Its not about multi-tasking but once you get used to the smell, its a wonderful escape. Unless, you plan to eat stuff in there.

But, there is another problem. Because if you ate too much, the stuff you plan to clog the toilet might be stuck inside and you'd be in there groaning and sweating instead of enjoying complete peace and total zoning out.

This is from bad vege and I could not concentrate
on my newspapers. Must learn the art of Pangsai
from the good ol' Loctor