I told you so!

Remember my tip for sticking the Road Tax onto the windscreen? It does work, ok!

But then, knowing me, people seldom listen to me. Even when I am in a group during discussion, as soon as its my turn to talk I only get a few seconds of airtime (air... ha ha ha ha) before everyone realised I do not exist.

So, when my friend did his road tax last year, I told him about my method. But he did not listen, thinking his method is best. So, he stuck on a piece of transparent plastic intead. And this afternoon, he had a dilema. His transparent plastic has hardened from the Sun and curled up, along with the road tax stuck inside it. So, its either peeling the stupid fragil road tax off or just try to uncurl it.

Ha ha ha ha ha! I wanted to say, "I told you so" but its not worth it.