Robbery @ Jln Chow Kit

Of all the bad luck in the World, it had to happen today. It rained like crazy AFTER I visited a customer on behalf of my Senior. And running from one street to another while using the envelope as a makeshift umbrella did not help. By the time I got to Jalan Chow Kit, I was literally soaking wet.

And then, I noticed something. Its very quiet. So quiet that you can hear the rain and nothing else. I won't say you can hear a pin drop because at that moment, no one dropped any pins. And the air was filled with a very tense atmosphere so thick, you can cut it with your presence. Yep, there was a robbery and the cops were all over the place, even the forensic guys were there (don't ask me why). earlier on, they were in a 4x4 rushing through the traffic lights. Anyway, with the rain and all, I only wanted to be in a warmer place and not soaking from shoulder to waist...

I wonder... nah. I am not going to go across and ask the cops where I can get those 'Police. Do not  cross' tapes.