This morning's dream

OK, I just woke up from a funny dream this morning. I hardly got any sleep last night because Kristine cried and cried for no reason. She always does this if she was in pain or just woke up from a bad dream, I think. So, this early morning, I guessed it was the latter.

It was late night when I pulled into a BP Petrol Station, as there was a long queue, I had to wait. The design of the station is similar to the ones I saw in other stations of different brands. So, in the middle of the petrol pump island, I have queued tp the front right but because my Dad's Volvo had the gas tank opening on the right, I decided to move out and reverse onto the left pump. Then I went in and paid for RM30 worth of petrol. Because the Petrol Station has a very high warehouse like roof, there were a lot of pigeon droppings which the invisible pump attendant kept applying polish to every car. On the way ot the office, two Indian ladies parkedin front of my car. While one of them was busy pumping petrol, the other was pushing some "Do not park" signs away. (How they got to pay for the petrol before me, I am not sure)

Once I was in the office, I saw both my friends (who have separated) working happily. She was photcopying documents while he was, as I used to remember him, calling customers up for debt collection. There were other ex-staff there but they're more of like extras in a movie. Then someone told me that one of my cousin was begging me to relocate him to another company of his choice because my Khai Mui's (pet sister, but we lost contact for a long time) company was not a nice place to work in.

When I came out, my Dad's car was not where it was. Instead, there was this old Malay lady pumping petrol on her Pale Blue Kancil. Then I turned to my left and I saw someone has pushed my Dad's car to that spot and parked there. I assume I deserved it because the Volvo was literally blocking the wholel path, and the space between island of pretrol pumps are quite narrow. And I guessed I spent quite a long time inside that office.

Then I woke up

And I am not sure what the dream meant to me but this was also, one of the hectic decision/experience when I was younger, and started work on doing Service Calls.