Another socket to me, Baby!

A customer called me to attend as soon as possible as one of their phone extension was out and they're expecting a huge last minute client rush due to the Hari Raya Celebrations one October First. So, after looking at the problem, the solution was simple and the conversation went like this:

Customer: So, can fix or not?
Me: Niamah! You know how to take care of your phone or not?
Customer: Hey, not my phone, ok? I just use them.
Me: So, its not your problem, la. If you do not know how to take care, dun use la, pundek.
Customer: Wei, smelly crab, I asked you to fix, fix la.
Me: You mother's smelly v*****! You dare talk to me like that? Want me to smash your face issit?
Customer: F**k you la. I am the customer here, I ask you to fix, so you fix la. Or else
Me: F**k you la. F**k you and your F**king shop and your F**k, etc.

And then I punched the fella in the face, and in front of his customers, I kicked his stomach before overturning the counter. On my way out, the security guard tried to stop me and I pushed him in front of a oncoming car, but it was doing a 20Kmh.

OK, so that did not happened as I imagined. But sufficed to say, the unfortunate conversation below took place:

Customer: My phone is not working la. Is it spoiled?
Me: Don't worry sir, please step aside and give me a few minutes to assess the problem.
Customer: Thank you very much, I hope I did not bother you with this last minute call.
Me: Oh no problem sir, we always try to attend you our customers as fast as possible.

After looking at it, I found the problem:
Me: Sir, this is the problem. Your cabling connections are placed in this cavity on the floor and when your cleaner gets too enthusiastic with the mop, this is what happened:The excess water entered into the cables and caused minor electrolysis on the contact points.
Customer: Oh dear, I hope you can repair it and its not too expensive.
Me: No problem sir, I'll just cut away the faulty cables, put in a fresh connector box and re-crimp the connector. It will be right as rain in a few minutes.
Customer: Thank you very much, your service is very good.

The problem is quite bad. This is the first time I have
a connection turning black. Usually, its greenish
blue (copper
sulphate). So, I had to cut about an inch
into the cable. With
my experience, I knew the whole
box would have to be changed.

And just as I suspected, the connector and its plug
was affected as well.So, it will definitely have to be