Kaelynn in her first bubble-bath

An hour later, she learnt how to take off her pants

And learnt how to throw it out of the crib

And very much later, things got really scary.....

Sleeping with the enemy

The Panasonic PABX
You know, after installing the low-end Panasonic systems and the higher end versions, I am starting to like them. Although I am a strong believer of Toshiba, I guess I am starting to warm up to Panasonic. As you all know, just last week alone we had installed two Panasonic KX-TDA200 PABX with minimal help from the Panasonic Distributor. When it comes to using/installing a new product, my rule of thumb is that I try to install/use it without reading the manual. This is not to boost my Ego or show off my (non-existent) technical skills but it is a straightforward test of how friendly a product is for a normal Joe.

After removing everything from their respective boxes, I managed to slot in the cards and mount the whole system onto the wall. And with the distributor's help, I managed to terminate the cables and perform basic programming on the second system. It was really that easy. OK, so I used my experience with working on Toshiba systems. But I can tell you this: When comparing the software for programming both systems, Panasonic is more forgiving and all you need is a simple USB cable. But if you have experience with other Panasonic systems, then you know that you can also program it the normal way. Unlike the main distributor for Toshiba in Malaysia, Panasonic systems are readily available and not only that, they DO reward you if you meet their quota compared. Not only that, the business strategy of both camps are very different and you can immediately see the results:

1) The product comes to you via a network of distributors to dealers and resellers. Although it is economically viable, the profit gained (from the seller's point of view) is not much
2) Anyone can service your system and you do not have to stick to one installer.
3) The service is (usually) based on per call basis and is quite reasonable.
4) Experience of technicians are quite good as the Panasonic systems are easy to maintain

1) The main distributor sells it to you via their direct salesperson (since they have terminated all of the dealers in Malaysia). You get the product, they get the maximum profits.
2) Anyone can service your system but no warranties. The latest system (CTX, CIX series) blocks out a lot of "outsiders".
3) They charge you by the hour and the biggest complain is that they keep sending different techs and the customer has to repeat themselves day after day.
4) Experience of technicians for newer systems (CTX, CIX) are quite bad due to the training period which has been shortened considerably.

In the past year, the Panasonic phones have taken on a new design which makes it more exciting. Although it looked big,once you get used to it, its quite nice. But unfortunately, compared to the black Toshiba phones, there is a fear that these white Panasonic phones would get dirty very fast or turns yellow with age. The most outstanding feature which atrracted me was the various angles the phone can be propped up, thanks to the folding construct behind it. This feature was supposed to come with the Toshiba phones in 2002 but alas, it was mere vapourware. The second feature was that the user can program or customise their phones via the menu on the LCD. But for Toshiba, you just have to read the user guide (if you do not want to memorise the cryptic codes) and then program it from there.

You are Stupid (or Manuals are for Dummies)
In today's Internet Age, everything has been turned into a "I want it now" situation. So, I am pretty sure when you bought your Mobile phone, you would "instinctively" knew how to detach the battery, charge it and also insert your SIM card from the old phone to the new one, all without having to read the manual. Yes, the manual is a small boring book which you would be seen dead reading it and also, prople might think you're stupid or something. And if you needed to read it, then that phone would not be fun anymore and you'd keep reminding yourself "how difficult" it was on that very incident until you got so bored with it that you needed a new one again. And you'd also feel bad that your friends, who have the same phone, all kept saying how easy it was to operate from the word go.

Nice or not? Its white, it can be propped at various angles
and looks even better when wall mounted

The customer's office was designed to have a row of offices
and I just had to take this shot.

Friends again

Its quite rare that they got a long with each other so well early in the morning. I caught them when I was on the way to work. Because my Fujifilm has a very slow response, the moment it was "ready", I took this picture without much thinking. Because seconds later, they were at their normal morning routine, shouting, screaming, fighting, etc.