Crawlie Wrawlie

Well, it happened just now. Kristine has more or less finally learnt how to crawl. With her amazing ability to grab anything within her reach, this means full time trouble. Ha ha ha ha ha

Kristine is moving about in her new bed

I wonder what she is looking at?

Yep, she is a fan of CSI:Miami too

This is a shot of her crawling out of the bed to the floor
Luckily she did not roll and hit her head, or else Wifey will scold scold me

Getting lost in Balakong

I was supposed to turn right instead of going on straight. So, when I reached the end of the road, I had to make a U-turn. And when I did, I saw a lot of these things being made and transported out.

Lookit all these concrete stuff!
Do you know what they are?
I susspect they are the sidewalls to those concrete flyovers

There's more of them here

Changing my Brake Pads

So, this morning about 930, I was already there, waiting at the front of the shop. Saiful, the mechanic, came a bit later and I helped him open up the garage. While we waited for the brakes to arrive, I looked around the place. They were preparing the cars for the Weekend Rally in Perlis.

Anyway, for those who do not realise this, when you have a new set of brake pads, you have to wear them in, or they would not work peoperly. This is because your discs have already created a set of grooves or surface due to wear and the pads must match them. So, whenever you can (and there are no cars at your rear) press on the brakes. You would know because the car felt as if there are no brakes. But after a while, the brakes will start to bite and you know the feeling:

Drive fast fast, then press brake, 'sssssssssssssssssss' - Heh? Nothing wun? No brake also
Drive some more, then press brake 'sssssssssssssskcchnnkkkkohmygod!thecarbraked!gotbite!gotbitela!'

Anyway, by the time I arrived at the Office, a lot of of people kept very very quiet.

We got to test out this car and it was exciting when he was taking corners.
I suspect he disconnected the speedometer so I would not panic

OK, compared to their cars, mine is a mess

Remember those Milo tins with sticks? That was how I learnt reverse parking

Saiful said my discs are a bit worn. The edges are raised

Boo hoo hoo. I'm too poor to got for EBC Green Stuff anymore.
So, I settled on the controversial Trestor (sans Don) Advantage

You may not see it but Saiful was using the air spray to remove all the dirt accumulated in the disc for more than two years. Ha ha ha ha ha

The former Lim Kok Wing. When they came to Taman Mayang, the whole place literally came alive and a lot of shops made a lot of money due to the students. After LICT left for Putrajaya, the place became dead again. Originally, it was supposed to open as a Supermarket or something