The (I don't know what to call it) Gun

Ok, here are more shots of the RM19.90 gun (A bit expensive, methingks) I bought in Batu Pahat. The design's main attraction is the spinning barrel with blue LEDs inside. Once you press the trigger, it will spin, it will light up and also, the standard, "Fire!, ratatatata, etc." sound effect.

This is a self-assembly gun with lots of complex parts

After 5 hours, the gun would look like this

The barrel spins nicely

Here is another shot

But the main reason I got this gun is yes, the spinning barrel. It can be taken apart and put into various Sci-Fi vehicles such as The Batmobile, and some spaceship. I liked Joss Whedon's Firefly, so, maybe, one day, when I am really nuts, I'll build something along those lines and put this part in. In the meantime, "Fire! Ratatatata..."

New Tamiya outlet in 1-Utama

My friend, Kenny, informed that there was a new Tamiya shop in KL, 1-Utama, to be specific. So, this means ToyCity has lost the license to bring in Tamiya stuff. And Dai Sheng as well, methinks. Anyway, the shop is located at the new wing's car park in Basement 2. Yeah, you heard it right. Basement 2 Car park.

They were stills etting up some of the stuff while I was there. Some of the stuff I wanted for years (Dangun Racers and the airbrush set) were there. Although the prices were a bit steep, they were not much difference compared to the ones brought in by the previous agents.

This is the entrance

Playing RC cars in the car park
The real exhaust fumes are going to kill you

System Installation @ Batu Pahat II

Nothing much to say except that this was a trip I shouldn't had to go. All the cables has been connected and wired up. All I need to do was to plug in the phones and that's it. OK, so I had to clean up some cabling and also take back the old system.

But on the way back, it was raining. Sigh

These guys are good! They even work during the rain!

Here is a closer look

Further on, there was a team cutting grass by the roadside and hald of them were wearing sarongs. But it was too dark and too fast for my camera.

My new spark plugs

OK, so I went back to NGK's Platinum. It was the best I've ever had. I have tried NGK's G-Power (crap) and even Bosch's Super-4 (makes the car so effenimate) but nothing comes close to this. Unless its the new iridium stuff which I am not going to try.......yet.

After fitting it (at the roadside. OK, I can't wait) the effect was imminent. The throttle felt very light and the car was "willing". So, its perfect to test it on my trip to Batu Pahat today.

After running about 527KM on RM70 petrol, well, I calculated it to be 14.45km per litre, (I could be wrong). Personally, I think the plug made the car consume a bit more. Previously, I had a higher value but I really have to make sure my foot was tapping the pedals lightly. On the VX plugs however, I still got the power and drove as normal.

This set of beauties costs me RM85

I noticed the old plugs had engine oil at the tip
Could be bad news

Time to get a new set of plug cables. Sigh.

The old and the new