My new spark plugs

OK, so I went back to NGK's Platinum. It was the best I've ever had. I have tried NGK's G-Power (crap) and even Bosch's Super-4 (makes the car so effenimate) but nothing comes close to this. Unless its the new iridium stuff which I am not going to try.......yet.

After fitting it (at the roadside. OK, I can't wait) the effect was imminent. The throttle felt very light and the car was "willing". So, its perfect to test it on my trip to Batu Pahat today.

After running about 527KM on RM70 petrol, well, I calculated it to be 14.45km per litre, (I could be wrong). Personally, I think the plug made the car consume a bit more. Previously, I had a higher value but I really have to make sure my foot was tapping the pedals lightly. On the VX plugs however, I still got the power and drove as normal.

This set of beauties costs me RM85

I noticed the old plugs had engine oil at the tip
Could be bad news

Time to get a new set of plug cables. Sigh.

The old and the new

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